GAF3 Themes

GAF3 will focus on the following themes. We request you to consider these themes when perparing your papers.

Abstracts should be submitted directly to the 9th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum organizers by 20 December 2010

 A. Gender and fish supply chains
    i. Gender and well-being in fishing and aquaculture communities
   ii. Gendered issues for supply chain workers

B.  Gendered responses to change in aquaculture and fisheries
     i. The gendered dynamics and impacts of natural disasters
    ii. The gendered impacts of climate change and societal change

C.  Engendering fisheries and aquaculture policies and governance
      i. Gender disaggregated data and information
     ii. Engendering research and policy advocacy
    iii. Gender in global fisheries and aquaculture normative products