GAF2 Organization

Organizing Committee

Meryl Williams (Chair), Poh Sze Choo (Vice Chair), Hisashi Kurokura, M. C. Nandeesha, Ida Siason

Best Paper Judging Panel

Mohamed Shariff (Chair), Hisashi Kurokura, M.C. Nandeesha, Ida Siason

Journal Editors

Poh Sze Choo, Kyoko Kusakabe, Barbara S Nowak, Meryl J Williams

Acknowledgement: Asian Fisheries Society and 8th Asian Fisheries Forum Support

AFS Council, Mohan Joseph Modayil, Vasant Kripa

Session Chairs

Nai-Hsien Chao, Stephen Hall, Kyoko Kusakabe, Marilyn Porter, Chandrika Sharma, Marieta Banez-Sumagaysay

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