About Us

This website, Genderaquafish.org, is devoted to the exchange of information on gender in aquaculture and fisheries from all parts of the world. Supported by the Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section (GAFS) of the Asian Fisheries Society,  it welcomes contributions, links and comments, from researchers and other experts with professional interests in furthering gender research in aquaculture and fisheries development. We have a world-wide interest in what is happening on gender in aquaculture and fisheries.

Any views expressed on the website are the personal views of the authors of individual articles and do not represent the views of the Asian Fisheries Society or any other organization.

Genderaquafish.org was established in 27 September 2010 specifically to serve as the 2011 3rd Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries. Soon, however, we began using it to also post news of new research, studies and events, and gradually added some additional materials of background interest to readers.

For further information or comments, please contact Meryl Williams at MerylJWilliams@gmail.com

Genderaquafish picture credits and locations (left to right)

M.J.Williams (Hyderabad, India), MJW (Manado, Indonesia), Kibria Ghulam (Namibia), P. Daszak (Tokyo, Japan)