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GAF7 First Call for Abstracts, GAF 101 Training Workshops and Session Proposals

Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries: Expanding the Horizons

GAF7 – the 7th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries

18-20 October, 2018 @ Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

The journey of the GAF network over 20 years has been slow but steady and has partnered with the Asian Fisheries Societies Triennial Forum throughout its evolution. Today the GAF is a formal Section of the Asian Fisheries Society and is embarking upon its independent journey. The first of its activities is organizing the standalone GAF7 – the 7th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries. As a standalone event, participants will have more time to interact, meet new people with similar interests, and will be able to focus more on GAF7, without having to go off to present at or chair other sessions. Participants will find that the AIT environment is very conducive to meeting, interacting and  developing future collaborations.

The theme for this Symposium is ‘Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries: Expanding the Horizons’.

Through the long journey to bringing gender to the fore to be included in the general discourse in fisheries, new insights have been gained. However challenges continue – some as old as the debate itself and some relatively new and emerging in the face of sector dynamics. Real change can come only with strong policies translated into sensible and implementable programmes and long term commitment. While a lot of lip service is given to the issues, very little translates into funding for work on the ground. Gender is generally a tail-end component in projects. However, several examples of gender inclusion right from inception are beginning to emerge, and this is a welcome change. GAF7 will try expanding our scope of debate in gender and fisheries and explore the need for expanding gender inclusiveness and equity.

A new GAF 101 training workshop is proposed. This time, we are calling for proposals for such a course and the selection will be made on the topic and proposal for conducting the workshop. At the first GAF 101 at GAF6, the participants were exposed to asking the ‘why’ question and the focus was on developing the right hypothesis for their research work so as to lay the foundation for robust work and results. This GAF 101 should take the learning forward.

The GAF7 will also have General Sessions with oral and poster presentations (poster presenters will also be given an opportunity to present brief oral summaries of their posters); and Special Sessions, panels or workshops of invited presenters.

Here are the broad themes for the general sessions under which paper writers and poster presenters can submit abstracts. Several themes which remain relevant continue from previous GAFs. If a topic you think is important is not on the list, we welcome a short proposal for inclusion on the list.

  • Gender and fisheries & aquaculture governance
  • SSF Guidelines – implementation
  • Gender and climate change with reference to fisheries & aquaculture (also will address natural and man-made disasters)
  • Gender and the seafood industry (fishing/ fish processing/ ancillary work, at all scales)
  • Strategies and negotiations women and men use in navigating livelihoods within, into and out of fisheries
  • Focus on SDG5, and other SDGs, in fisheries and aquaculture
  • Gender research methods in fisheries & aquaculture
  • Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture
  • Learning exchanges – experiences and lessons – suggestions welcome
  • Suggestions on Special Session themes
  • Gender issues identified as not receiving sufficient attention:
    • violence against women
    • fish processing
    • impacts on women of changes in resources and climate
    • linkages between fisheries, aquaculture and agriculture
    • household impacts of women’s success in technology adoption
    • how to transform gender relationships and norms, and
    • the effect of global processes on gender relations in the fish sectors.

You may submit your abstracts by March 31, 2018. On how to submit, see the advice for formatting and uploading your submissions by downloading the instructions document from this link.  For any inquiries, send an E-mail to

As indicated above, in addition to Abstracts, interested individuals/ teams/ institutions working in aquaculture and fisheries are invited to propose GAF 101 Training Workshops and Special Sessions for the GAF7. The sessions must be broadly related to the overall theme of the Symposium; and can be based on projects or programmes either specific to Gender or may have a component on gender. The Proposals may be sent in by 31 March 2017 and will be assessed by the GAF7 Programme Committee.