First Anniversary of Dr M.C. Nandeesha

Dr M.C. Nandeesha. Photo: courtesy of his family.

Dr M.C. Nandeesha. Photo: courtesy of his family.

So though Nandeesh is not with us physically, his thoughts and deeds are there to guide us through these difficult timesRajeswari Dayal B. (his loving wife) .

This marks the first anniversary of the passing of our dear friend Dr Mudnakudu C. Nandeesha, who was the person who brought gender awareness to the Asian Fisheries Society and helped bring aquaculture to the poor through Aquaculture without Frontiers, the World Aquaculture Society and many institutes and people in India. He was a great champion of students, and especially women students.

At the 4th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF4) held in May in Yeosu, Korea, a  special session was devoted to honoring Dr Nandeesha: Status and Contributions of Women to Aquaculture and Fisheries: A Session in Honor of DR M.C. NANDEESHA. The session was sponsored by the AquaFish-CRSP program.  The opening address by M.J. Williams was “Dr M.C. Nandeesha: The Man Who Brought Gender Awareness To The Asian Fisheries Society” (view presentation  by clicking here). The address emphasised that Dr Nandeesha was a visionary, absolutely committed to social justice, and with an intuitive understanding of how to motivate others to act and bring about institutional.

PROF. DR. MOHAN JOSEPH MODAYIL  Ph.D., D.Sc., (formerly Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (A.S.R.B.), India), has provided the following heartfelt tribute to Dr Nandeesha.

Courtesy: Prof Dr Mohan Joseph Modayil

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4 responses to “First Anniversary of Dr M.C. Nandeesha

  1. Prof. Mohan Joseph Modayil

    It is for all of us to take Nandeesha’s thoughts and deeds forward which will be the right tribute to the man extraordinary. I have known him for over 35 years and worked closely with him on many occasions. The AFSIB is planning to institute a suitable commemorative gesture to sustain his spirit and commitment to fisheries development and gender sensitization. Mohan Joseph Modayil

  2. Arun Bhai Patel, Assoc. Prof. &

    It would be an honor to be associated with any commemorative gesture to sustain spirit and commitment of prof. M. C. Nandeesha in the fields of aquaculture & fisheries development and gender sensitization.

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