New institutional gender strategy for a research institute (ILRI)

Photo: Susan MacMillan (ILRI)

Many aquaculture and fisheries agencies and research institutes are starting to wonder what they should be doing about getting gender into their work – “mainstreaming” is one of the buzz words we hear.

Across the fence in agricultural research organizations, you can find some useful materials to guide your organizations’s emerging gender strategy. Start by taking a look at the new strategy and plan to mainstream gender at the International Livestock Research Institute, one of the CGIAR Centers.

In particular, the strategy covers 4 key areas

1 Integrating gender in projects and programs

2 Integrating gender in ILRI’s organizational structure and culture

3 Generating and disseminating evidence on gender and livestock

4 Engaging partners in gender mainstreaming, research and dissemination of information

I recommend you take a look!

Download it here!

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