Following the 2010-11 FAO State of Food and Agriculture highlighting the gender gap in agriculture (including fish) productivity, and the 2012 World Development Report on gender and development, the global agencies continue to highlight the huge gap between rhetoric and action on gender in the food production sectors.

Gender equality was discussed as a prominent factor of food security at FAO’s celebration of World Food Day (16 October) 2011 and throughout the 37th session of the United Nations Committee on Global Food Security (CFS), held at FAO headquarters 17-22 October.

At a panel discussion on the World Development Report, Ana Revenga, World Bank Poverty Reduction Group Director explained that: “the cost of gender inequality to societies is getting larger, and economic growth will not solve the problem. We need actors and initiatives.” She added that implementing gender equality was rarely a question of increasing resources, but of redistributing them more equally among men and women, and that the relatively low costs incurred in doing so would be amply covered by the long-term benefits.

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New e-platfrom on Gender in Agriculture launching 2 November 2011

Look out for the new World Bank, FAO, IFAD Gender in Agriculture e-platform:

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