What does Equality Mean to You?

The World Bank is holding an Open Forum on Gender – Getting to Equal. The main open online forum will happen on 20 September, but you can participate in advance and help raise the profile of the importance of gender in aquaculture and fisheries.

Link: http://live.worldbank.org/open-forum-gender

Participate in 3 ways:

1) SUBMIT IDEAS about ways “to get to equal” and overcome gender inequality in your community.  Tell your friends to agree with your idea – the most popular ones will be debated during the Open Forum.

2) PARTICIPATE IN THE CHAT FORUM beginning Tuesday, September 20 at 12 pm Washington, DC, time. The ideas will feed into discussions during a 24-hour online global chat forum hosted by gender activists, entrepreneurs, and academics. Sign up for an email reminder on the right.

3) WATCH THE LIVE DEBATE on Wednesday, September 21 at 10 am Washington, DC, time.  Hosted by CNN International’s Hala Gorani, a distinguished panel of experts including World Bank President Robert Zoellick and Nike Foundation’s Maria Eitel of the Girl Effect campaign, among others, will continue the discussion about your ideas in a live webcast debate.

Watch and replay previous Open Forum events: Food Crisis, Open Development Solutions, Jumpstarting Jobs, and Development Now – A Changing Landsape.

Thank you to Angela Lentisco (FAO-Spain-RFLP) for bringing this opportunity to our attention.

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