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The Asian Fisheries Society support for professional activities in the field of women and gender in aquaculture and fisheries began at least in 1990 when the Asian Fisheries Society Indian Branch held the Women in Fisheries in India Workshop. Later, every 3 years since 1998, the Asian Fisheries Society and its partners have supported an expert Symposium on women/gender in fisheries and aquaculture. Much of the material from these Symposia is electronically available. The following is a quick guide to the documents.

2011: 3rd Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries, 9AFAF, Shanghai

 All PPTS, abstracts, reports and other details can be found at:

The Special Issue of Asian Fisheries Science journal arising from submitted papers is available at:

2007: 2nd Global Symposium on Gender and Fisheries, 8AFF, Kochi  - this and related pages contain all abstracts, most PPTs, awards, reports and other details.

 Selected papers of the 2nd Global Symposium on Gender and Fisheries were published in the journal Development vol 51 issue 2 (2008).
All previous Proceedings have been jointly published by WorldFish Center and the Asian Fisheries Society; a report of the Symposium is published in Gender, Technology and Development


2001: Global Symposium on Women in Fisheries, 6AFF, Kaohsiung

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1998: International Symposium on Women in Asian Fisheries, 5AFF, Chiangmai



1990: Women in Fisheries in India Workshop, 2nd Indian Fisheries Forum, Mangalore